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Avatars United

1 07 2008

Avatars United ( www.avatarsunited.com ) was initiated in 2007 by a group of childhood friends sharing a common passion for immersive online worlds. The idea behind the community is to help people keep track of their in-game friends, old and new. Great friendships are tied within virtual spaces yet we felt there was a lack of a single tool to help keep track and share experiences with them. As such, Avatars United is a free community website bringing avatars from all online worlds together.

I would say that the fundamental difference between AU and other communities is that AU is a community for avatars of all online worlds. As a user you can register multiple avatars in multiple worlds. If one of your friends would migrate from say vSide to IMVU, AU would help you keep track of him/her and share of all of his/her new adventures. As your friend would still keep his/her vSide profile registered anyone wanting to track him/her down would find it easy doing so.

vLES going down for Beta Release

30 06 2008

So vLES is going down till the end of the year till they launch there Beta program. vLES also went to the FLUX Social Network Engine made by Viacom Inc.

Word is when vLES comes back it well be bigger and better then before!

Go to http://www.vles.com for more information!

Runescape Reports PayByPhone for Netherlands and Belgium

30 06 2008

Proud to report that RuneScape is introducing PayByPhone for Netherlands and Belguim Users. As I get more news on this announcement I well post!

– Richard

New Worlds To Blog

30 06 2008

Here are some New Worlds that are coming to the Blog:

EVE Online
World of Warcraft

Others Coming Soon:
Club Penguin

New Release 398.0

17 06 2008

Another day, another prerelease.
Bored with 398.0 (the latest full release) which came out this weekend? Why not try 398.2!

The happy land in the sky where avatars go to download:

What have we been doing with our time?
– We now show a message when you’re no longer in a chat, rather than letting you think you’re in the chat when you’re actually not. Aren’t we nice?
– Fixed an issue with the TryIt pass.
– Made the buddy list load faster and update more quickly when friends sign on/off.
– Fixed a problem where the chat window could be completely white when you were reinvited to a chat.
– Probable fix for chat messages failing to come through. Sometimes, you know, you’re in a chat and… all of a sudden you stop getting messages from everyone in the chat. Happened to you? Well, now it won’t. We hope. Let me know.
– When you didn’t have the client installed and you clicked links on the website which try to launch the client, things got ugly. This has been fixed.
– Did you like that feature we introduced in 397.16 where playing music could make your avatar invisible? No? You didn’t? Yeah, we fixed that.

Please direct your attention to the flight attendant for some important safety information.
This is a prerelease, not a full release. Want to play it safe? Stick with the latest full release (398.0 as of this writing). Want to check out the latest and greatest and help us find any problems it may contain? Try out the prerelease and let us know how it goes. If you have problems, please post here and describe the issue in as much detail as possible. In the unlikely event of a water landing, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.

Thank you to Bengeance

About The Content On This Blog

8 06 2008

I do not make all the content on this page I simply relay to one page instead of users. having to jump to website to website.

Also I give full credit to:







– Richard