vSide Lag and Performance Tips

8 06 2008
You can adjust some settings and do other things to make vSide run faster.:

Quit other applications you are not using.
Quitting unused programs frees up memory and network bandwidth on your computer.

The faster your internet connection, the better the vSide application will perform.
A DSL or better internet connection is recommended for the best vSide experience and for listening to the streaming music.

In the vSide application, press the Tools button and then Settings to adjust your graphics settings.
In the Settings pane, click on the Visual tab and adjust the settings to lower/lowest settings. Tip: setting the Water Reflection to Low can greatly increase your framerate.

Resize your vSide window to something smaller.
On Windows, use the “maximize” button on the upper right hand corner of the vSide window to cycle through different window sizes. On Macintosh, use Cmd+1 through Cmd+6 to change window sizes. On both Windows and Macintosh, you can drag the lower right corner of the vSide window to resize it. It may take a little time each time you resize the window for vSide to redraw.

Zoom in or face a less “busy” direction to improve framerate
Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or face a direction with less graphics so your video card has less to draw.

Make sure your firewall and antivirus software (if installed) are configured to allow vSide unrestricted access to the internet.
For further information on this, consult the help documentation for your firewall and antivirus software.

The better the video card, the better vSide will perform.
A good graphics card can mean the difference between vSide lagging and the art looking just OK to vSide speeding along and looking amazing! Read more video card tips in John’s FAQ – Compatible display device, video cards, and jaggies.



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