What’s New in vSide Beta 1

8 06 2008

Welcome to vSide

The Music Lounge is now vSide (http://www.vside.com). vSide is a major redesign from The Music Lounge Beta 11, with all-new city districts, features, and much more. Existing Lounge users, your login for The Music Lounge will work for vSide, so come check out what’s new!

Here is a list of what is new in vSide Beta 1:


Two all-new districts
Introducing RaiJuku and LaGenoaAires, with new stores, clubs, and places to hang out! San Francisco is now NewVenezia. Take the subway across districts or use the overhead map. Here’s an overview of what’s in each district.

Stores: YJL high heels, Kawaii general store, iiG eyeglass shop, and EvilTwin Black and White stores
Music venues: iiG cafe, iiC lounge, Gigoth, and Ramen Shop
Private spaces: iiR hotel_raijuku and more
Hangouts: Roof garden, pier, climbing wall, Zen Garden, and
Secret locations

Stores: StarStyle, Kong t-shirt boutique, Drezz, 121 evening wear, Radio Broadcasting booth, and Hacienda store
Music venues: Hacienda, Rooftop Bar, DDD multi-level lounge, and Radio Station
Private spaces: Boca apartments
Hangouts: Downtown band practice space, art gallery, waterfront park, pier, basejump tower
Secret locations

Stores: Kitson, Rocawear, PCD Boutique, DJ AM Club LAX store, Gari’s Boutique, s/f 1972 shoes, EvilTwin Black and White stores
Music venues: PCD Lounge, Club LAX, The Teahouse
Private spaces: The Warehouse Lofts
Hangouts: Tyra Virtual Studio, the Zen Garden, Hot Tubs, Disco Rooftop, BBall Court
Secret locations

Tons of new clothing selections
From formal wear to goth styles, as well as branded, limited edition and rare items!

More, better Private Spaces
Brand new private spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Throw parties and get together with friends in iiR hotel _ raijuku, The Warehouse Lofts, La Boca and more. Private space operators can set the place name, music stream, restrict access to the space, and boot unwanted users out of the space. Lots more features coming soon for private spaces!

Respekt social status system
Get Respekt points to get awards, access exclusive and limited edition clothes, special venues and club VIP areas! Earn Respekt by doing the following:

  • invite your friends to join vSide through e-mail, AIM or our new MySpace badge
  • make friends in vSide
  • win random jackpots while logged into vSide. The more friends you have logged in, the better your chances!
  • activate your account with a valid email address when you first register

New vSide Badge for your Myspace page
Access it from your vSide profile. Paste into your online profile at MySpace and other services, and show off your vSide avatar!

New Friendship system
Send and receive friendship requests instead of saying “Add me”!

Applause meter
Show appreciation for others! Access it by right-clicking a user and selecting “Applaud for me!”

More Secrets!
’nuff said

  • Brand new look and feel of the client application and improved interface
  • Celebrities now auto-accept friends requests and can have an invisible force field around them
  • New Mood selection in the button bar lets you adjust your stance based on your mood
  • New dances and emotes
  • Better user profiles

vSide Beta 1 Q&A

Q. What happened to The Music Lounge?
A. NewVenezia is a district in vSide based off of The Lounge’s San Francisco.

Q. What changed about calling a Moderator or getting Help/SOS?
A. To report abuse, right-click on the abusive users’s name or avatar and select “Report Abuse”. You will have an opportunity to describe the abuse and the current chat log in your chat bubble will be sent to us. MODs are notified as soon as an abuse report is submitted. While MODs are continually watching over the environment, they may not always be available to respond to all abuse reports in realtime. We read all abuse reports.

Q. What about my Lounge Creds and my Wardrobe?
A. Everything you bought in The Music Lounge Beta 11 and earlier is yours and will be in your Closet in vSide.

Q. What is this new Respekt system?
A. Gaining Respekt grants you access to exclusive venues, VIP rooms and private space ownership, as well as unlocks limited items reserved for vSiders with status. More information about Respekt can be found on the Respekt FAQ. Lounge users are grandfathered in some Respekt in vSide depending on when they signed up, how many hours they have spent in The Lounge, and how many Friends (two-way favorites) they have. The maximum amount of grandfathered Respekt points possible is 640.

Q. Can I get Respekt for receiving applause?
A. No, others can show their appreciation for you with applause, but your Respekt score will remain unchanged at this time.

Q. What happened to my favorites? A. Only Friends (two-way favorites) were preserved from The Lounge when we migrated to vSide. You must request friendship again from anyone who was a favorite and not a friend on The Lounge.



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