What’s New in vSide Beta 2

8 06 2008

What’s new for vSide Beta 2

Hey vSiders. We are constantly upgrading all the time, trying to make vSide the best experience it can be for you guys.

Private Spaces
Now you can customize the party apartments. Like a virtual “trading spaces” you can go in and redesign the apartments and lofts to reflect your signature style. Not to mention that there even more apartments to choose from.

Also, starting next year you will actually be able to reside in your very own apartment. Just try not to wake the neighbors.

So what are you waiting for? In the modified words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work for you.”

Bands Get A Permanent Place to Crash
Kenna and The All-American Rejects are the first bands to have permanent residencies in the Warehouse Lofts in NewVenezia. See how two of your favorite artists deck out their crib when they’re not on the tour bus. Not to mention: Stay tuned for lots of new bands dropping into vSide in the coming weeks

Respekt Yourself
First, for those of you who aren’t already familiar, Respekt is the term for gaining status in vSide. Want to get past the velvet rope in Club LAX? You need to earn Respekt.

Lately, we’ve received a lot of great input and ideas from you about how to improve the Respekt system (keep ’em coming!). Like anything good, it takes awhile to get it perfect, but it’s going to get better all the time

Here are just a few ways that gaining Respekt just got easier:

  • Rate music songs
  • Update your profile
  • Complete collection games

Welcome VOY!
vSide and VOY Radio (http://www.voymusic.com/) have partnered up to bring you VOY Plaza in LaGenoaAires (where the Hacienca Club use to reside).

VOY Plaza features the best in Latin music and video today. In addition to six Latin music listening stations and three cinemas, VOY Plaza will be streaming top Latin and Reggaeton hits in addition to vSide favorites on both floors of VOY Plaza.

What Else is New for You
Want more clothes? Check out StarStlye and Kawaii for new items. Also, next month StarStyle wll be hosting two fashion shows of their style. Stop in on November 21st & 29th to see their latest trends.

Having trouble finding your way or moving around? We’ve now updated the signs and maps to make it even easier to figure out how to get around vSide. Check out the new action panels that make it easier to dance, laugh or rotfl.



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