What’s New in vSide Beta 3

8 06 2008

What’s New in vSide Beta 3

There is so much new stuff in Beta 3 we hardly know where to begin. This is by far the biggest release of vSide ever!

Buy stuff with your points
That’s right, you asked for it, and you got it. We’ve replaced Respekt with a new kind of currency called vPoints. You earn vPoints the same ways you earned Respekt, except vPoints can be SPENT ON VIRTUAL GOODS. Along with the new points system comes an improved shopping experience.

Own your own apartment
That’s right, you can finally have your very own apartment with your own furniture and style. You can paint the walls, buy and lay out furniture, invite your friends over, and throw a hot party. Oh yeah, we don’t just have apartments, there are yachts for sale as well.

Watch YouTube
Now you can watch your favorite YouTube videos right in your apartment. An unlimited supply of video goodness for you and your friends to enjoy. You can also make YouTube playlists to create the soundtrack for your next party.

All new website and profiles
We’ve redone the vSide website from top to bottom and it’s jam packed with new features like cool new profiles and a fresh new look. More web goodies are on their way too!

The Gateway
New vSiders will now start in the Gateway, a small tutorial area where they are taught the basics of how to use vSide. The Gateway is only open for new users.

Rock out on the guitar
Check out the new guitar available only in apartments. You can jam with your friends or play along with the music.

Gifts to you from vSide
As a special Thank You to everyone who has supported vSide as we grow, we have gifted limited edition class rings to everyone registered before Beta 3. Also, as an extra Thank You, everyone who has ever purchased Creds in the past has been gifted with a limited edition purse (for the ladies) and limited edition necklace (for the gents).

Other stuff…

  • Creds are now known as vBux, and ya’ll who had them before now have 10x more than you had in Beta 2.
  • There’s now an in-world camera connected to a photo gallery on your profile. Tools->Camera. Dope!
  • There is now a real-time radar that shows you an overhead map of the city and where your friends are. Tools -> Radar. Hell yeah!
  • You can now resize the vSide window. Yup, that’s right. Grab the lower right hand corner and drag.
  • There is a new settings panel that’s easier to use with a few more options. The best addition is the ability to disable the profanity filter. Holy #@!%@%@ @#!# really? Yep.
  • Apartment owners can have and grant microphones. SAY WHAT? For sure.
  • The button bar has been reworked into menus to make it easier to learn for new vSiders.
  • There’s a new Goth clothing store in RaiJuku called GOTHZILLA.
  • There’s a ton of new dances.

vSide Beta 3 Q&A

Common vSide Beta 3 Questions

What happened to Creds?
Creds are now vBux on vSide. There are 100 vBux to 1 US Dollar. All Creds have been converted to vBux as 1 Cred to 10 vBux (10 Creds were 1 US Dollar). This means if you had 2 Creds in your account before vSide Beta 3, you now have 20 vBux.

What happened to Respekt?
Respekt scores have been converted, using a super secret bunny forumula, to vPoints. vPoints are a type of currency you can earn by hanging out in vSide. The more time you spend on vSide, the more vPoints you can earn!

What happened to the Event Calendar?
For the short-term, events will be announced on the vSide Events Forum.

What’s up with the keyboard shortcuts?
Some keyboard short cuts for the button bar have been moved around. New keyboard shortcuts include:

F1 – toggle Radar
F4 – toggle Emote and Dance panel
F7 – toggle Camera view

What happened to giving and receiving flowers?
The vSide florist is taking a break, so no new flowers can be given or received. Flowers will be back some day!


Get vSide Beta 3!



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