What’s New in vSide Beta 4

8 06 2008

What’s New in vSide Beta 4

Something big is coming to vSide:

vSide welcomes Degrassi
Award-winning series Degrassi: The Next Generation has made vSide their new virtual home online at The DOT Grill in LaGenoaAires. Hang out at The DOT Grill; meet, chat, and dance with other Degrassi fans!

Get your own Degrassi DOT Dorm apartment
A vSide exclusive! Above The DOT Grill are Degrassi’s DOT Dorms. Deck out your very own pad/apartment in the Degrassi virtual world with new furniture, accessories and posters of your favorite cast members. Afterwards, host the ultimate Degrassi party with your friends, new and old — you’ll never know who will show up!

Show off your brain for vPoints Yep, you asked for it, and now we have even more ways to earn vPoints in vSide. Find Bob, Terri, or DJLarsBerg bots and whisper to them (double-click on) to flex your synapses for a trivia challenge! Interactive bots have exclamation points (!) over their heads — there may be other bot surprises in store for you across vSide.

New vSide Live Event stream
vRL, Time Machine, and more delivered right to your own crib. No way! Now it’s even easier to throw the hottest vSide live event parties with the dedicated vSide Event music stream. Find it in the Audio/Video Panel in the Space button in your apartment.
Other stuff…

  • New clothes in 121 for the guys, as well as new gear in Gothzilla and the shop at The DOT Grill
  • More free stuff in the apartments including a bed. No more sleeping standing up!
  • Some new dances

vSide Beta 4 Q&A

Common vSide Beta 4 Questions

Where did Mood selection go?
Are you confident, upbeat, relaxed, or blue? Let people know by selecting your Mood! Mood selection has moved over to the Actions panel in the Me button or by pressing F4.

What happened to the “Kick” option in my apartment?
Is someone buggin’ or are you not feelin’ the company at your place? You have the control with the Block (formerly “Kick”) option in your pad. Simply right-click on any person and choose “Block from space” or type /block <user name>. Wanna let them back in? Choose “unBlock from space” or type /unblock <user name>.

What happened to my apartment layout?
Pardon our mess! During the Beta 4 upgrade, some apartment layouts were reverted to their state from April 14th. If you bought any apartment furniture since then, fear not! All of your new goodies that are not placed are in your storage, but some things may have been moved around your pad.

Don’t wait, get vSide Beta 4 now!



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