What’s New in vSide Beta 5

8 06 2008

What’s New in vSide Beta 5

vBux By Mail, exclusive StarStyle fashions and Degrassi posters await you in vSide!

OMG no way! vBux By Mail
No credit card? No problem! Now you can get vBux with cash, check, or money order with vBux By Mail. Here’s how (follow the directions carefully!).
Limited edition vSide goodies
Starting very soon, brand-new limited edition clothes and gear will go on sale in Drezz and Kong stores in LaGenoaAires. Only a very small handful of each item will be available, and once they’re gone they’re gone for good. Keep an extra eye out for announcements about when these very special goodies will be up for grabs!

Some more Degrassi love for you
Degrassi star rocks it on the mic! Hit up the new listening stations at The DOT Grill in LGA for an exclusive preview of Cassie Steele’s not-yet-released album. You’ll also hear great music from Degrassi from artists like Jackalope, Justin Hines, and Melissa McClelland.

Relive Degrassi Spirit Week with posters designed by our own vSiders Felixamberly, margarethe, and Vandetta. Get them for your DOT Dorm now!

Paris in StarStyle
Diamond necklace and watch, a classy ballet top, finished with a Juicy Couture fluffy bag and contoured belt. That’s hot! Get your shopping on for an outfit Paris Hilton would flaunt at StarStyle in LGA.

Improved Friends list display
See what cities and apartments you friends are at in a flash with the new location display on your Friends list. Friends who are idle/away are now dimmmed out!

More of your favorite outfits
Are six saved outfits in your closet not enough? Well now we’ve doubled the amount of clothing and accessory combos you can save to 12! And if that’s not enough, we’ve given you a small army of Mini-Mes to preview what you’ve saved.

Other stuff…

  • Some new clothes, furniture, and dances
  • All new vSiders get their own apartment upon registration.
  • New PocketMOTO clothing line at Kong in LGA.
  • New audio stream for Breaks lovers on the second floor of LGA’s DDD club.
  • New resizable and full-window snapshot features in the Camera tool. Send pics to your vSide profile!
  • New whisper away message auto-reply from vSiders who are idle.
  • Coming soon, vSider-created Tyra virtual tees for sale
  • Some surprises…


vSide Beta 5 Q&A

Common vSide Beta 5 Questions

I’m not a new vSider but I don’t have an apartment yet. Can I get one for free?
Have you been with us for a while but still don’t have a place to call your own? Get an apartment for barely any dough at NV 255 Lofts in NV or The DOT Dorms in LGA.



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