What’s New in vSide Beta 5b

8 06 2008

What’s New in vSide Beta 5b

vSide is all about parties and events!

New vSide Event Calendar
The vSide Event Calendar is back and it’s kick-ass. Now it’s easier than ever to find out just when and where the next celebrity event, radio show, or vSide tour will be. Don’t miss out on the next blowout party just because you didn’t know!

Now you can add your own events to the vSide Event Calendar and let everyone know where the next party’s at! A birthday party at the club? A theme party at your apartment? You set up the deets, invite everyone you know, and have your guests RSVP on your event posting.

vSide Beta 5b Q&A

Common vSide Beta 5b Questions

Where is the vSide Event calendar?
Get to the vSide Event Calendar any time from the Events link at the top of vSide.com. You can also use this handy dandy easy-to-remember web address: http://www.vside.com/go/events .

How do I add my own event to the vSide Event calendar?
Adding your own event is a snap! Simply hit the “Create Event” button on the vSide Event Calendar or on your profile‘s My Events section. Fill out the details of your event and submit it. Remember, all dates and times are in vSide (Pacific) time!

Where can I find more info about the new vSide Event Calendar?
You can get more info about Events and the Calendar on the vSide Music and Events FAQ.



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