Who are Lindens? – Video Tip of the Week #37

8 06 2008

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnie-as-Detective John Kimble firmly asks:

“Who is your daddy and what does he do?”

In Second Life®, Torley-as-Resident Enlightenment Manager Torley Linden often hears:

“Who are Lindens and what do they do?”

“Lindens” (not to be confused with Linden dollars, or L$) are employees of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. We’re inworld as avatars too, and I advocate us to experience SL so that we both (1) share the enjoyment and (2) understand what’s important to you.

In this funtastical video tour, I’ll show you: you how to meet Lindens in-avatar via Office Hours, where to find out more about specific employee expertise, how to tell if a Linden is genuine (impersonation is not only stupid, it’s against our Terms of Service). And… are you familiar with collectible Linden bears? All inside:


01:04 – Search for Linden profiles
02:08 – What Torley sees at login…
02:32 – Visit Linden Office Hours
04:01 – Lindens do different stuff
04:22 – Linden bears
04:50 – Get help from the Support Portal
06:33 – What does each Linden do?
08:10 – Office Hour example time!
09:40 – The Official Second Life Blog (you are here)
10:46 – Don’t be fooled by fake “Lindens”



Working for/at Linden Lab is awesome! If you have questions about my or a fellow Linden’s work, come to our Office Hours and ask. Find out more about our vision and values @ The Tao of Linden. Also peruse info about our Management and Culture.

Thanks to the kindly Residents who commented and wrote in that my voice sounded distorted/clipped in last week’s embedded video (among others). I wish I could apologize more, but it’s a YouTube bug which I’ve contacted them numerous times about, and it still goes unfixed. That’s why this time around, I’m testing blip.tv, a different video-hosting service which is noticeably sharper. Let me know how it plays for you. I’m still uploading videos to YouTube via TubeMogul, and if you want the crispest, clearest experience, download the high-quality version above.

But, I also need to note that my audio hardware has been on the fritz lately, so I am directly sorry if you hear clicks/choppiness in this week’s video. I cleaned a lot of it up, but it’s not as pristine as I’d like it to be for you. I’m getting replacement gear and I’ll do better next time.


Torley Linden https://i0.wp.com/torley.s3.amazonaws.com/little-watermelon-eye.png
    Second Lifes  Resident Enlightenment Manager )



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