Who are Lindens? – Video Tip of the Week #37

8 06 2008

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnie-as-Detective John Kimble firmly asks:

“Who is your daddy and what does he do?”

In Second Life®, Torley-as-Resident Enlightenment Manager Torley Linden often hears:

“Who are Lindens and what do they do?”

“Lindens” (not to be confused with Linden dollars, or L$) are employees of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. We’re inworld as avatars too, and I advocate us to experience SL so that we both (1) share the enjoyment and (2) understand what’s important to you.

In this funtastical video tour, I’ll show you: you how to meet Lindens in-avatar via Office Hours, where to find out more about specific employee expertise, how to tell if a Linden is genuine (impersonation is not only stupid, it’s against our Terms of Service). And… are you familiar with collectible Linden bears? All inside:


01:04 – Search for Linden profiles
02:08 – What Torley sees at login…
02:32 – Visit Linden Office Hours
04:01 – Lindens do different stuff
04:22 – Linden bears
04:50 – Get help from the Support Portal
06:33 – What does each Linden do?
08:10 – Office Hour example time!
09:40 – The Official Second Life Blog (you are here)
10:46 – Don’t be fooled by fake “Lindens”



Working for/at Linden Lab is awesome! If you have questions about my or a fellow Linden’s work, come to our Office Hours and ask. Find out more about our vision and values @ The Tao of Linden. Also peruse info about our Management and Culture.

Thanks to the kindly Residents who commented and wrote in that my voice sounded distorted/clipped in last week’s embedded video (among others). I wish I could apologize more, but it’s a YouTube bug which I’ve contacted them numerous times about, and it still goes unfixed. That’s why this time around, I’m testing blip.tv, a different video-hosting service which is noticeably sharper. Let me know how it plays for you. I’m still uploading videos to YouTube via TubeMogul, and if you want the crispest, clearest experience, download the high-quality version above.

But, I also need to note that my audio hardware has been on the fritz lately, so I am directly sorry if you hear clicks/choppiness in this week’s video. I cleaned a lot of it up, but it’s not as pristine as I’d like it to be for you. I’m getting replacement gear and I’ll do better next time.


Torley Linden https://i1.wp.com/torley.s3.amazonaws.com/little-watermelon-eye.png
    Second Lifes  Resident Enlightenment Manager )


Release 397.0 Now Available

8 06 2008

Hey everyone,

Release 397.0 is now available. I know the release has been coming for a while, but it’s here!


Release Notes:
– Added VIP attack blocking
– Fixed mousewheel scrolling issues
– Bring back the “Try again?” dialog after a ChatNow partner leaves
– Improved account management for computers with more than one IMVU user
– Address uninstalling issue on Vista

Devinoch imvu Community Manager

Facebook Ads

8 06 2008
Today Facebook announced an entirely new advertising solution for Facebook. Right now, Facebook wants to make clear what’s changing—and what’s not—for you.

First of all, what’s not changing:

  • Facebook will always stay clutter-free and clean.
  • Facebook will never sell any of your information.
  • You will always have control over your information and your Facebook experience.
  • You will not see any more ads than you did before this.

Here’s what is changing:

  • You now have a way to connect with products, businesses, bands, celebrities and more on Facebook.
  • Ads should be getting more relevant and more meaningful to you.
  • You now have the option to share actions you take on other sites with your friends on Facebook.
Engaging with businesses and buying things are part of your everyday life. Advertising doesn’t have to be about interrupting what you’re doing, but getting the right information about the purchases you make when you want it. We believe we’ve created a system where ads are more relevant and actually enhance Facebook.

You now have a way to connect with things you are passionate about. We’ve launched Facebook Pages, which are distinct, customized profiles designed for businesses, bands, celebrities and more to represent themselves on Facebook. 

Facebook noticed people wanted to connect with their favorite music, restaurants, and brands; but there was no good place for these types of affiliations to exist. Now, there is a place for them and you can become a fan of whatever pages you choose in order to interact with your passions in new ways. You can post reviews for a local restaurant, buy tickets to a new movie, or be the first to get a heads up about new promotions.

Ads will be getting more relevant and more interesting to you. Instead of random messages from advertisers, we’ve launched Social Ads. Social Ads provide advertisements alongside related actions your friends have taken on the site. These actions may be things like “Leah is now a fan of The Offspring” (if I added The Offspring to my music) or “Justin wrote a review for Sushi Hut” (If Justin wrote this review on the Sushi Hut page). These actions could then be paired with an ad that either The Offspring or Sushi Hut provides.

A sample Social Ad.
Behind the scenes, we’ve instituted a system that tailors ads to you and your interests, which should make ads more appealing. Advertisers never have access to who is seeing their ads, personal information about you, or even what social actions accompany their ads. In other words, all of this completely respects your privacy, while providing you with a better Facebook experience.

You now have the option to bring actions you take outside of Facebook back in. Just as Facebook shares your on-site interactions with your friends through News Feed, we now give you an option to let News Feed share your off-site actions with your friends as well.

This is the notification you’ll see whenever another site wants to send a story to Facebook.
For example, adding the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to your queue on Blockbuster.com might be something you want your friends to know about, so you can have a marathon. As usual, you have complete control over this information. Affiliate websites always notify you of any stories they want to send, and you’ll have two opportunities—one on the website, and one on Facebook—to opt out of that story. Facebook always gives you the choice to decline a story the next time you log in.

Facebook wants Facebook to reflect and enhance all your real-world relationships—the movie you see this weekend as well as the friends who are seeing it with you. If you have any questions or suggestions for how Facebook can improve this, let them know.

Leah the Product Manager for Facebook Ads

vSide Tutorial Videos: Getting Started and vSide Forums

8 06 2008

New to vSide or just need the 411?
Peep vSide Guides Tra-C and Sil’s vSide Basics Tutorial Video and vSide Forum Tutorial Video!

vSide Basics Tutorial Video

vSide Forums Tutorial Video

¡Nuevo! ¡El vSider MarinaPCD ha hecho un vídeo tutorial de vSide en español!

Et vSide Basics en français!



vSide Lag and Performance Tips

8 06 2008
You can adjust some settings and do other things to make vSide run faster.:

Quit other applications you are not using.
Quitting unused programs frees up memory and network bandwidth on your computer.

The faster your internet connection, the better the vSide application will perform.
A DSL or better internet connection is recommended for the best vSide experience and for listening to the streaming music.

In the vSide application, press the Tools button and then Settings to adjust your graphics settings.
In the Settings pane, click on the Visual tab and adjust the settings to lower/lowest settings. Tip: setting the Water Reflection to Low can greatly increase your framerate.

Resize your vSide window to something smaller.
On Windows, use the “maximize” button on the upper right hand corner of the vSide window to cycle through different window sizes. On Macintosh, use Cmd+1 through Cmd+6 to change window sizes. On both Windows and Macintosh, you can drag the lower right corner of the vSide window to resize it. It may take a little time each time you resize the window for vSide to redraw.

Zoom in or face a less “busy” direction to improve framerate
Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or face a direction with less graphics so your video card has less to draw.

Make sure your firewall and antivirus software (if installed) are configured to allow vSide unrestricted access to the internet.
For further information on this, consult the help documentation for your firewall and antivirus software.

The better the video card, the better vSide will perform.
A good graphics card can mean the difference between vSide lagging and the art looking just OK to vSide speeding along and looking amazing! Read more video card tips in John’s FAQ – Compatible display device, video cards, and jaggies.

What’s New in vSide Beta 5c

8 06 2008

vSide Beta 5c includes several fixes and improvements including:

  • RaiJuku city slow loading and errors
  • Friends’ names delay in appearing green

What’s New in vSide Beta 5b

8 06 2008

What’s New in vSide Beta 5b

vSide is all about parties and events!

New vSide Event Calendar
The vSide Event Calendar is back and it’s kick-ass. Now it’s easier than ever to find out just when and where the next celebrity event, radio show, or vSide tour will be. Don’t miss out on the next blowout party just because you didn’t know!

Now you can add your own events to the vSide Event Calendar and let everyone know where the next party’s at! A birthday party at the club? A theme party at your apartment? You set up the deets, invite everyone you know, and have your guests RSVP on your event posting.

vSide Beta 5b Q&A

Common vSide Beta 5b Questions

Where is the vSide Event calendar?
Get to the vSide Event Calendar any time from the Events link at the top of vSide.com. You can also use this handy dandy easy-to-remember web address: http://www.vside.com/go/events .

How do I add my own event to the vSide Event calendar?
Adding your own event is a snap! Simply hit the “Create Event” button on the vSide Event Calendar or on your profile‘s My Events section. Fill out the details of your event and submit it. Remember, all dates and times are in vSide (Pacific) time!

Where can I find more info about the new vSide Event Calendar?
You can get more info about Events and the Calendar on the vSide Music and Events FAQ.